Meltdown Moments

I often wonder how mums honestly don’t lose it. Tonight my darling daughter (note darling to mean absolute little shit) has had approximately 5 meltdowns – each lasting a good 30-60 minutes for various ridiculous reasons. I’ve got to hand it to her though, she’s consistent! Let’s start. Reason 1.  Dad left to go finish […]

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Positive mental attitude 

7:20. She slept. She actually slept. Have we got over the 1000 illnesses that we seem to have caught lately? The only thing we haven’t seemed to be able catch lately, is a break!! Do I risk going in the nursery for her to scream for Dad? Sod it, I will. I’m making a conscious […]

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A Mothers Day

A Mothers Day. Shit, it’s 6am already, do I really need this job? Well yeah I have bills to pay! Listen for the baby, she’s asleep, is she asleep? Maybe I should check? If I go in and she’s awake that means I’ll have to get her dad up and he could do with the […]

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